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Blind Item: Divorce Secrets Just Waiting to be Served Up


From Blind Gossip:

The divorce of this TV Girl is going to get ugly! Besides the usual arguments over real estate and money and child custody, there is a nasty, threatening undertone of secrets just waiting to be served up on a hostile platter.

No, the secrets aren’t about dr*gs or ho*kers, although these are two issues that frequently surface in divorce cases. But this couple does have some good dirt on each other.

Here it is: She was unfaithful during the marriage. He has been hiding money. She has had plastic surgery. He told friends that he married her because he thought her fame would help his bottom line. She has a serious eating disorder. He had a gay encounter.

For now, as they try to work through the details of the divorce “amicably”, these secrets are being kept on the back burner. However, if one divulges a secret about the other, look for swift retaliation in the form of a counter-attack with some opposing dirt.

Unfortunately, I think this sounds like Bethenny and Jason.  We have already heard reports of her wanting primary  custody of the baby, probably so she can move to LA for her talk show.  It’s obvious her fame could have helped him with his “bottom line” and it would not be a stretch to think she may have an eating disorder.

This one makes me sad.  I really wanted them to make it.

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